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My name’s Rhiannon and middle aged actors and television shows have gripped me tight, and raised me from perdition. Multifandom, Primarily Richard Speight Jr, Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who and MARVEL. Sometimes you'll also find; Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hannibal, Firefly, Orphan
Black, Tolkien and Star Trek.


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This is beautiful.


Messing about with gifs again, so have some more Lex. Sorry for quality/varying sizes. Anyone wants to make any use of them please feel free. I’m kind of having fun with this, so there may well be more.


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Lucifer: What did you say to me?

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maybe you’ve always been an angel

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Jensen Ackles [ Bonus/10] [DallasCon’12] [credits] 


Destiny can´t be changed.

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Protective bestfriend Rich gets worried when he thinks Rob is about to fall during karaoke (x

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Maybe, you are not, as good as you think you are. [10.02]

[Can we appreciate the hand gesture in the third GIF?]

#i love the way demon!dean fights though#i mean dean was always effeicient about it#minimal movement#conserving energy#you can practically hear all the lessons john has drilled into him#how to get the best result with minimal movement#how to last longer and fight better when your opponent is bigger and stonger nd inhuman#but demon!dean doesn’t seem to give a fuck#because he IS the bigger and stonger one now#he’s so much looser#casual#almost flamboyant about it#this is someone who relishes the skills he has#a predator that plays with his food because he can#and it’s fucking beautiful#terrifying#but beautiful (via honeysweetsam)

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masterosricchau inquired:

Omg I was stalking your profile and is that you with misha and Richard you lucky bastard

It is indeed :) I met them at All Hell Breaks Loose V in Sydney at the end of May. Best two days of my entire life. 

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